Soil Biology Matters

Welcome to "Soil Biology Matters," an enlightening course led by the renowned soil biologist, Allen Skinner, hosted at Soil Life Organics. This course is designed to delve deep into the intricate world of soil biology, highlighting its pivotal role in sustaining life on Earth and fostering sustainable agriculture practices.

Using Soil Biology, Cover Crops, and IPM on a No-Till Urban FarmSoil

Between 2018 and 2021, methods to transition from conventional organic to biological farming were studied at White Harvest Farm, a 4-acre, no-till vegetable farm. We defined conventional organic farming as a program that uses OMRI-Listed organic fertilizers as the nutrient source.

Soil Fertility

White Harvest Farms is working to become a leader in agricultural education. We want you to learn about agriculture, natural resources and land management in a fun, accessible and diverse way. When you sign up for our workshops experience the natural world in a unique way.

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